How to Score More Points in a Word Game

Playing word games or scrabble is an ideal way to spend your free time and learn a few things. These games require you to build words on a board using small square tiles that are worded. There are also digital word games you can play on your phone and other internet devices. One of the things you must do to score more points is come up with words containing letters with high scoring points.

They will help you come up with the right words to help you score more. Playing word games can benefit you in so many ways. One good thing about it is you will learn new vocabulary applicable in several areas. This is ideal for students who can apply them in their literature classes.

Playing scrabble also enhances your creativity. To come up with the best words, you have to be a fast thinker. Kids or students who play these games more are likely to benefit. It is good for much-needed comprehension during the learning process. These games also capture your concentration. This is suitable for improved cognitive function. There are several things you should do to score more points in a word game. They include:

Utilize Prefixes and Suffixes

It is a simple way to secure more points in a word game. Adding prefixes before a word or suffixes after will help you come up with new words quickly. It will save you all the time you may need to think of a new difficult word to score extra points. Look for the best prefixes and suffixes and keep them at your fingertips.

Use Tricky Letters First

word gameThere are high-value or tricky letters that will earn you more points in this game. You should start with them to have a good score. High-value letters in most word games include K, Q, Z, and X. They will earn you 10 points or more when you start with them.

Be Defensive

This is a great strategy that will help you win easily. By playing defensively, you have to pick more squares containing letters. The only way you can do this is by coming up with long words. Your competitors will run out of ideas, and this will leave you with more points. Follow these great tips to secure more points in a word game.